Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wonder what's been going on?

Yeah, me too. It's been a while since I wrote. For a few weeks, I didn't have the desire to go on the computer once I got home from work combined with the ever increasing difficulty of the Italian class. So, the class is over and I have a long weekend: good time to catch up on some things. I've been reviewing my internet activities and decided to cut out a few things that I don't do much or only feel are chores now. This blog though should be getting more attention since I think my embetterment to embiggen myself is important.

I've set myself up to do a full review of the outstanding goals and may organize myself like Martina- that is have some areas to organize my goals under. Before I do that, though, I will take credit for completing 5 more goals without fully realizing it.

28) I finished DK Junglebeat. I did this with the bongos and not with the wii controllers. I love this game. It is so much fun.

34) Find and buy jeans that fit well. Unfortunately, the jeans I found that fit well are flannel-lined. In this part of the country, that isn't a bad thing, but headed into summer, it is a bit more impractical. These jeans are great, though, and I may get more if the non-flannel-lined are as nice. As an addition, I bought a belt to help with the jeans that are not fitting well.

44) Go to a fair. I wouldn't necessarily call the Sheep and Wool Festival a fair, but I overheard other people at the Festival say it, so I'm going with it. I still want to go to one of the big ones that happens at the end of the summer, too. Just because I call this done doesn't mean I won't go.

68) Evaluate Seashore program. This was an open-source program I was going to use with my pictures. Turns out that through the macheist bundle, I got two lovely programs that I am currently using and enjoying, making the Seashore investigation unnecessary. Although the specific words of this one were not fulfilled, the intent behind it was. Done.

88) Finish draft of creative writing project. I have written two stories- one of which Martina read. I need to go back and tighten them up a bit to be happy with them. Once I get the other one in a shape where I have confidence having someone other than Tim read it, I will really feel good about this and may try to do more.

So, the next post will be a full re-evaluation of the remaining things on my list. Some will stay. Some will go. No matter what, I think I continue to be headed in the right direction even if I forget that I am on that road periodically.

Friday, March 6, 2009

February Round-Up

It is already a week into March and I still haven't done my February update. I spent a lot of February traveling and being sick, so I don't feel like I got too much done.

2. Weight Goal 1 - I am half way there and hope to reach it by my birthday. Thanks to the not feeling well, I lost a bit of weight this month just out of sheer lack of appetite. I am not sure if I have enough time to shed the rest by the 20th, so this should be a cliff hanger of "Who shot JR?" proportions!

12. Buy wii fit - Complete. This was purchased right before I got sick, so I haven't had a lot of chance to use it, but now that I am feeling better, I think it is time for the Wii Olympics this weekend!

14 Find new doctor and go for a check up: After much research, I finally found a candidate. She is both a Naturopath AND an MD AND she is covered under my insurance. Now comes the hard part - actually getting myself to go. I really do hate going to the doctor and would be happy to never go.

34 January blogstravaganza - I actually did not end up finishing and am not really feeling it as a goal. I think perhaps I need to revamp this one. I'll have to think about it.

68 Apply for a credit card Finances - COMPLETE. This has been a tough one for me. For the past 3-4 years, I have lived completely without credit cards, having cancelled them all, so I wouldn't be tempted to used them as I paid off my bills. As it turned out, it really was a good way to live and cut down on frivolous spending. The thing is that my job has changed to where I travel more and it was becoming hardship to pay cash every time then have to wait a few weeks to be reimbursed, so I've rejoined the ranks of the credit card holding public. I guess it's good to have for emergencies, but I really liked the unfettered feeling of not having one.

74 Try a new recipe each month - February: Tacos from that month's edition of Everyday Food, which is an awesome cooking mag. My friend Becky got me a subscription for Christmas, which really was a great idea!

75 Try a new restaurant each month - February: 1. It's not really a restaurant, but more of a fast food place, but I did have lunch at this Cajun stand in Clackamas Town Center and I've only ever eaten at the one at Lloyd Center before; 2. Champ's in Troy, MI; 3. PF Chang's in Troy (I've eaten at a PF Chang's before, but never in Michigan! AND it was 10+ years ago in California AND I did try a menu item I'd never had before, so it's almost like a new restaurant)

79 Join Amnesty International Soul/happiness - COMPLETED back in January.

81 Do something nice for someone once a week Soul/happiness Jan: cplt. Feb: Bought lunch for Mary because she was depressed; Took Antonio for a "fun day" (rides, a toy from the Disney store & lunch in the Food Court); Let a coworker use my cellphone to call Canada numerous times while we were in Michigan, because she was worried about her daughter; and, most importantly, forgave someone who hurt me very, very badly. This actually turned out to be something nice for ME as it has opened the door to us becoming closer again and I've really missed him.

109 Clean out old and buy new, GOOD make-up Bought the new makup, need to clean out the old.
And, finally, a note on 100-105: I think I'm going to dump these, because they are not really about MY goals. They were largely about helping someone else with his. I will still help him, but if I'm going to be self-indulgent and have a list about acheiving my own goals they really need to be about my own acheivement and betterment.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And now it is February

So I fell off the update wagon. My Italian class did start up, I had some craziness at work, and then some great time with Tim which kept me away from the computer, but it looks like I am back again.

To start: New Year's Resolutions:
1) Have less stuff: I spent time going through cassette tapes and eliminating some. I bought a few singles to replace stuff and created a list to buy at a later date. iTunes turns out to be nice since it doesn't really take up extra space. In short- I got to get rid of another box from that front closet.
2) Go to the gym: I haven't been going so much- I went back on black tea, but am still sleeping more and trying to adjust my schedule since going off of caffeine. In addition, snowy mornings make me not want to go to the gym before the sun comes up. Since I have to take a shower at the gym, I also don't like taking a shower there during what I will call my lady time, so momentum has decreased. I really enjoy being there when I am there, so I just need to get the schedule going again.
3) Volunteer: I haven't found a place to give time. Once my schedule for the gym gets set up, I'll have a better idea on when I'll have time for this.
4) Go out more often: I have gone out a bit in spite of feeling a bit of a hermit. It is nice to get out of the house.
5) Spend money on myself and my appearance: I am feeling the general feelings of the economy, which means I don't want to spend too much. I spent money on other things this month, but I think I can fit this in better once the tax refund comes.

The big to-do list:
1. afghan for afghans for Afghans.
2. Consolidate retirement plans from previous jobs.
3. TBD
4. Confirm accuracy of addresses.
5. Get in direct contact with everyone who sent me a Christmas card this year.
7. TBD
9. Watch all my Looney Tunes DVDs.
10. Lose at least 20 pounds 
11. TBD
13. Go to the gym at least three times/week for one month.
14. Finish at least 5 books I already had sitting on my shelves.
15. Visit Mom.
16. TBD
18. Visit family graves.
22. Get amber ring fixed.
23. Finish a Wii game.
24. Finish Pikmin 2.
27. Try a new recipe every month.

The rest to come:
28. Finish DK Junglebeat. This one stays and fits into the desire to use what I already have.

34. Find and buy jeans that fit well. This one resonates with Resolution 5, so it definitely stays. I have shoes and other clothes that are starting to fall apart and I foresee some serious money being spent on this stuff in the next few months out of necessity if for no other reason.

35. Buy a good black turtleneck. Sure, this one goes well with 34 and Resolution 5.

37. Make something with a piece of fabric I already own. In pulling things out of my closet, I was confronted with many, many craft projects. I'm pretty sure the fabric I have owned for years does not need to stay with me and should be given to someone who will really use it. Nonetheless, I do think that I should make one thing before giving it away. I have some ideas on what to make and it is just finding time to do it.

38. Go through and organize jewelry. This is a good idea and one that maybe should be put on hold. It absolutely fits in the have less stuff/get organized mode that I want to be in, though. I'll keep it, but reserve the possibility of refining what it means to be done.

39. Sell/Try to sell something I've made. Yes, I will do this. I still feel like all the stuff I do is not quite right. It is a problem with perfectionism that I have- I can't imagine that anything I make by myself would be desirable enough to someone to put a monetary value on it. Maybe getting over the perfectionism that limits me should be a driving goal.

40. Finish at least 4 of the cross-stitch kits that I have. I am working on this and it goes hand in hand with Resolution 1.

42. Make and post a product for my website. I know what type of thing to make, but I haven't figured out the details. This goes along with using what I have and doing crafty things, so this one can stay.

43. Buy beeswax candles. I came up with this one once I found out that paraffin was a petroleum product and that it releases stuff into the air when it burns. Of course, it isn't like a car, but beeswax was the better option. Since I have the cat, I don't really burn candles nearly as much as I used to, so I think I'm taking this one down. This is an unnecessary purchase in contradiction to Resolution 1. This one is now TBD.

44 Go to a fair. Yes, I really want to do this and will watch the calendar for it.

45. Invite someone to my house every month. I had initially chosen this goal to try and recapture the more social feel I had to my life a few years ago. I did have the book club over in January, but haven't had anyone over for February (I'm not counting Tim in this, since I assume he'll come over more than once a month). Since I've been trying to go out more often, I kind of feel like that should be the direction my social goals should be. In order to lessen the social pressure I put on myself, I'll call this one a TBD as well.

46. Clean out the front room closet. I kind of did this since all those boxes are now sitting in the office area and the closet is looking pretty good. Truly, I still have work to do- but progress is made and I'm keeping this goal.

47. Clean out filing cabinet. With tax prep coming, this will probably be a good time to do this. This is in line with Resolution 1, so it stays.

So there is the next level of re-evaluation. It is time for me to get all the way through the list and then get cracking again. I'll have TBD things to think up and hopefully refine the focus of what I am doing. - Now, back to cleaning out those closet boxes-

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Round Up

I may have been silent for the past month, but I've still been busy!

10 Buy and TAKE a daily vitamin Health

Purchased a bottle of Vitanica's Women's Symmetry multi-vitamin, which I started taking a few years ago when I was having some health problems. I like it, because it was developed by an naturopathic doctor, contains no animal products and offers various dosage options, depending upon your health needs. While I was browsing the vitamin section at Whole Foods the other day, the clerk just happened to walk by as I picked up the bottle to read the label. Completely unsolicited, he stopped to tell me that was a "really good choice", so I decided to take it as a sign and bought it. Tomorrow, I will crack the seal and start taking it. That's always the challenging part for me, because I'm not really used to taking pills on any kind of regular basis.

17 Kick diet coke/caffeine Health

As of today, it's been at least a month since I have had any diet soda or caffeine. I am now to the point where I know that artificial sweetener would taste like chemicals to me. My next move will be to try to kick sugar (especially that of the high fructose corn syrup variety), which I just realized is not on my list of goals). Ultimately, the idea is to transition to completely to water and iced peppermint tea in place of soda, which I do still drink occasionally.

22 Buy a calendar for the sticker plan Health (completed Jan 09)

Lucky for me, I have such a nice neighbor at work that I don't have to buy a calendar at all. As in past years, she got me a castle calendar. Somewhere along the line, she decided that castles were my thing, which amuses me. While I like castles as much as the next person, I don't have any particular devotion to them. That said, the photography really is lovely and the calendar will work perfectly for posting exercise reward stickers. Yes, I know it's total second-grade-gold-star, but it really does work. When I see gaps without stickers, I feel shamed into filling them by moving my body! (The shame factor of everyone in my office knowing what the stickers are for and that anyone can see if I'm getting lazy doesn't hurt either!)

74 Try a new recipe each month Soul/happiness

Jan: Glazed Ribs with two Cabbage Slaw (from the 1/26/09 Women's World)

75 Try a new restaurant each month Soul/happiness

Jan: Thai Delight in Wilsonville

79 Join Amnesty International Soul/happiness

Joined in response to the articles and pictures that were coming out of Gaza during the Israeli seige. This happened right around the transition between the old and new goal scheme, so it is possible that this one was already counted on the old list. Amnesty is such a worthy cause and does such good work, however, that I'm happy to count it twice.

81 Do something nice for someone once a week Soul/happiness

Because it's going to be difficult to keep track of this one, my goal is to list at least four things a month that I did for someone other than myself.

1 - Instead of buying the expensive, new Macbook I wanted, I bought a cheaper Gateway notebook, so I could also afford a desktop for my mom
2 - Took my mom out for Thai food
3 - Cheered Mary up after we learned about our pay cut on Friday
4 - Helped J. with his phone bill and groceries

92 Buy a new laptop Misc. tasks (completed 1/24/09)

After much debating about whether I could still afford the reward I'd planned for paying off all my bills (go debt free me!) in this economy, I decided that a promise (even when made to oneself) is a promise and ordered a lovely, red Gateway MD for myself. At less than half of what I'd planned to pay for the Mac I was going to buy (sorry Apple, maybe next time...), I think it was a really good and fiscally responsible compromise.

93 Buy a new desktop Misc. tasks (completed 1/24/09)

Like my laptop, our desktop computer was getting really old and slow. My 70 year old mother really uses it much more than I do, but it is still something I have been wanting to replace. Originally, the plan was to buy my laptop, then what until later in the year for the desktop, but with the money I saved by buying a less expensive model, I was able to afford both. Not only that, but I got a sweet, bundled deal that included a monitor and printer. So, I managed to purchase two computers plus a printer for less than I had originally been prepared to pay for just the laptop.

And in case it sounded like these are completely frivolous purchases, in addition to replacing two computers with a combined age of 13 years(!), I actually do need something more reliable to work on both for my day job and my moonlighting as writer and potential co-proprietor of a small press. What will be frivolous will be if I blow the rest of my Mac budget on a wii (which I am strongly considering because it will bring me that much closer to my wii fit goal)!

So, that's it for this month's official round up, but I'll be checking in on Anne and adding more progress reports of my own soon!

A New Start for 2009

January has been a tough month out West, which has not been greatly inspiring of blog posts. 2009 started out hopeful and good, but pay cuts, sick cats and general mild depression induced malaise have not been conducive to diligent posting. Even my January post-a-day project (which I've usually done with enthusiasm, but this year feels choretastic) on my other blog has been limping along. All of this makes it seem like a good time for some change.

While Anne has been cooking away on her goals (go Anne!), I have been reformulating (and working on) mine without actually posting anything about it. The challenge I encountered with this project last year was that some of my goals were either too big or too general. This year, I've tried to break them down into categories and then manageable chunks within those categories that will hopefully drive me closer to my bigger goals, which at this point are: 1) lose weight, be healthy and feel good about myself, 2) develop creativity and take ownership of it, 3) enjoy and find purpose in life, 4) cultivate those qualities that make me the kind of person I would want to have as a friend.

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking and categorizing and here is my new list. In some cases (light weight loss, which I have broken into small, manageable pieces), I have a specific goal and timeline in mind, but have left it general, because it makes me more comfortable. As with all things in life, these are subject to change. They are, however, at least a good place to start.

# Goal Category
1 Do a cleanse Health
2 Weight Goal 1 Health
3 Weight Goal 2 Health
4 Weight Goal 3 Health
5 Weight Goal 4 Health
6 Weight Goal 5 Health
7 Set up an exercise schedule Health
8 Create an eating plan/menu Health
9 Research which vitamins I need Health
10 Buy and TAKE a daily vitamin Health
11 Lower blood pressure to a healthy average Health
12 Buy wii fit Health
13 Cancel LA Fitness Health/Finances
14 Find new doctor and go for a check up Health
15 Go to the eye doctor Health
16 See the lady doctor Health
17 Kick diet coke/caffeine Health (as of Jan 25 09 it's been about a month, completed)
18 Work up to exercising 5x a week - Feb 3x Health
19 Work up to exercising 5x a week - Mar 4x Health
20 Work up to exercising 5x a week - Apr 5x Health
21 Incorporate my health goals into my blog Health
22 Buy a calendar for the sticker plan Health (completed Jan 09)
23 Take friends on their tennis/work out offers Health
24 Go for a hike Health
25 Go for a neighborhood walk Health
26 Go for a walk downtown Health
27 Take mom for a walk on Eastbank Esplanade Health
28 Buy a new NW hiking book Health
29 Look into organic grocery delivery vs.
foodshare vs. farmer's market Health
30 Run the whole way around the track Health
31 Plant a vegetable/herb garden Health
32 Buy a timer (for writing) Creativity
33 Create a writing schedule Creativity
34 January blogstravaganza Creativity
35 Take a photo jaunt every other weekend Creativity
36 Create a plan for my blog Creativity
37 Make something with my own hands once
a month (ideas: dress, collage, quilt, etc.) Creativity
38 Write a ghost story Creativity
39 Write a poem Creativity
40 Write a short story Creativity
41 Write an essay Creativity
42 Take a weekly artist's date Creativity
43 Write a monthly book review Creativity
44 Take a creative/beach weekend Creativity
45 Create a writing space Creativity
46 Create a notebook for existing writing Creativity
47 Create a character/plot collage
for mystery novel Creativity
48 Reread Charlotte Stieglitz' journals Creativity
49 Buy a train case for makeup Home
50 Organize hair stuff (clips, bands, etc.) Home
51 Paint bedroom Home
52 Pull up carpet in bedroom Home
53 Make curtains for bedroom Home
54 Organize/get rid of books Home
55 Organize/get rid of cds Home
56 Organize/get rid of clothes Home
57 Organize/get rid of shoes Home
58 Organize/get rid of stuff in garage Home
59 Organize/get rid of stuff in spare room Home
60 Have a good picture of everyone who is
important to me and display it somewhere Home
61 Organize Recipes Home
62 Paint front porch Home
63 Paint deck Home
64 Paint dresser Home
65 Pay off my car Finances
66 Create a budget Finances
67 Set up direct debit for savings Finances
68 Apply for a credit card Finances
69 Suspend 401k until company matching
resumes and reevaluate my investments Finances
70 Plan a picnic at the beach Soul/happiness
71 Plan and take a trip Soul/happiness
72 Learn about wine Soul/happiness
73 Make preserves Soul/happiness
74 Try a new recipe each month Soul/happiness
75 Try a new restaurant each month Soul/happiness
76 Take 3 trips to the beach this summer Soul/happiness
77 Plan/take a retreat Soul/happiness
78 Take a meditation trip to the Japanese gardens Soul/happiness
79 Join Amnesty International Soul/happiness
80 Join The Humane Society (or some other
animal organization) Soul/happiness
81 Do something nice for someone once a week Soul/happiness Jan: cplt
82 Do something with a friend once a week Soul/happiness
83 Attend an event (theater, concert, lecture,
museum) once a month Soul/happiness
84 Have a historical (ren/medieval?) dinner party Soul/happiness
85 Have a summer bbq Soul/happiness
86 Go to the Oregon Country Fair Soul/happiness
87 Get the schedule for movies in the park Soul/happiness
88 Spend a weekend at Timberline Lodge Soul/happiness
89 Take a research trip to Astoria Soul/happiness
90 Take risks and do new things regularly Soul/happiness
91 Renew my passport Misc. tasks
92 Buy a new laptop Misc. tasks (completed 1/24/09)
93 Buy a new desktop Misc. tasks
(completed 1/24/09)
94 Go to a neighborhood association meeting Misc. tasks
95 Buy a new BBQ Misc. tasks
96 Buy a new freezer Misc. tasks
97 Lily spay Misc. tasks
98 Cleo spay Misc. tasks
99 Isis spay Misc. tasks
100 Learn about publishing and marketing MOTAS
101 Translate MOTAS into German MOTAS
102 Create brochure MOTAS
103 Create a reader guide for MOTAS MOTAS
104 Write Contract MOTAS
105 Meet with the boys to discuss the business plan MOTAS
106 Get a facial Rewards/feel good stuff
107 Get a massage Rewards/feel good stuff
108 Buy a good moisturizer Rewards/feel good stuff
109 Clean out old and buy new, GOOD make-up Rewards/feel good stuff
110 Buy new boots Rewards/feel good stuff


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What- More re-evaluation?

Yes, it is time to add another round of goal re-evaluation.
First, a quick note on the New Year's Resolutions. I was able to eliminate a box from the closet. I found tax forms from 2002 that had not been filed away from to two moves ago (I did file my taxes that year, though). I also found a lot of other things to shred and eliminate. Some of it was put into another box or put into my desk drawers, but I definitely began to make a dent in my have-less-stuff goal.
Going out more? No- not really since the snow has put a damper on things- I honestly tried one day this weekend. I have been paying attention to what's around town more though.

Now to the big list.

To recap:
1. afghan for afghans for Afghans.
2. Consolidate retirement plans from previous jobs.
3. TBD
4. Confirm accuracy of addresses.
5. Get in direct contact with everyone who sent me a Christmas card this year.
7. TBD
9. Watch all my Looney Tunes DVDs.
10. Lose at least 20 pounds 
11. TBD
13. Go to the gym at least three times/week for one month.
14. Finish at least 5 books I already had sitting on my shelves.
15. Visit Mom. 

New or re-affirmed goals

16. Visit Tim's family. 
This goal will need to change. I did spend last year writing letters to his mom saying that we should visit, but this goal depends on another person, i.e. Tim. That complicates my ability to do something. I don't think I should have goals for others in my list, so this will be TBD.

18. Visit family graves.
This one stays. It is something I haven't done in a couple of years and it is good to remember everyone.

22. Get amber ring fixed. 
This stays and I'm making this a higher priority. I now have more than one to fix and none of it is very complicated, so I just need to go to the jeweler. About time.

23. Finish a Wii Game.
This one might be done. I set the completion level low for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I bought this game for a non-Aerosmith song and decided once I beat it on Expert, that I could then buy the song to listen to and sell the game. That is done. Somehow, this doesn't seem a fair story for finishing a wii game, so I'll keep this up a bit longer- but in my heart, I know I am already a winner.

24. Finish Pikmin 2.
This one stays. I'm at least half done (I think). It is just a matter of having a pajama day dedicated to Pikmin instead of reading, crafty things or Lost.

27. Try a new recipe every month.
I did this for the past year. This was meant to be motivational to get me cooking at home again. It has worked at that basic level- I just need to cook more often at home now- both for financial savings and to control the quality and content of what I eat better. So, I may call this one done before the full time is up (the next few months perhaps) and redefine one of the TBDs to be a step further on this goal. I'll need to think that through.

So that is another 6. I have freed up 4 goals (now TBD) which I think should definitely be used for refinement or progress on the other goals. Thinking about what these goals were really supposed to accomplish beyond just something to do is a really good exercise since I didn't really think that deeply when I started. For example, the video game goals had more to do with using what I had instead of buying more stuff. This goes for the craft goals, too- although these may seem kind of trivial, the completion of these actually has a deeper goal at the base- thriftiness. I think if I were to draw up another 100 goals next year when these are done, I would organize them more by theme or broad goal broken down a little. I wouldn't want it to be too linear in nature (goal 4 can only be done when goal 3 is done, for example) because that would potentially frustrate me. In general, I think the goals and resolutions have been trying to make me more mindful of what I have and how I spend my time. I didn't realize that either until the re-evaluation stage happened. I'm glad Martina talked about re-evaluating since I might have missed this otherwise.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Re-evaluation for 2009

I went to the gym this morning ready to try out my new schedule. This new schedule involves me taking a shower at the gym so as to save some time in the morning by not coming back home. All morning prior to going I had one of those morning where everything kept dropping, knocking stuff over, or was somehow clumsy in my hands. By the time I got to the gym, happy not to have been a clumsy driver at least, and was happily pedaling away on the bike, I realized I forgot to bring a shirt to wear to work. Oh well. I still took the shower there and then drove home to put on a shirt. It wasn't the best, most organized morning, but I did go to the gym. 

And now I just pulled a box out of my closet, which will begin to satisfy the cleaning out the closet goal and may enable me to find the jaw harp I am looking for... you know, the one in the Snoopy box. Even without digging, I can tell this box is not going to be easy, which may be why it has been in the closet.

So on to re-evaluation:
To recap:
1. afghan for afghans for Afghans.
2. Consolidate retirement plans from previous jobs.
3. TBD
4. Confirm accuracy of addresses.
5. Get in direct contact with everyone who sent me a Christmas card this year.
7. TBD

And now:

9. Watch all my Looney Tunes DVDs.
I'm going to keep this one although I feel slightly conflicted. I love to watch these, but to require it may make it less enjoyable. I think I may need to just do an early morning hot chocolate kind of thing. I used to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings every week. Even Tim watched them with me once or twice. I've fallen out of that habit though, but maybe I can pick it up with these DVDs.

10. Lose at least 20 pounds 
This one stays. Now that I am going to the gym and to the nutritionist, I am motivated. Whether my metabolism will follow is another issue. I'm looking forward to the next 6 months to see what progress I make. 

11. Get green stripe belt.
Well, as I've written before, this one will need to change. I want to keep myself from being distracted too much by too many activities, so I just want to stick with the gym and the nutritionist for now. Finding another class like this to go to would be fun, but I'm going to put it off for the time being. This one is TBD.

13. Go to TKD class three times/week for one month.
With 11, this one needs to change. I think this one is an easier one to change to what I am currently doing, so I will change this to 
13. Go to the gym at least three times/week for one month. (I'm keeping track of what I do in a little book, so I'll really know if I do this)

14. Finish at least 5 books I already had sitting on my shelves.
This one definitely stays. I'm 2/5 of the way done and I started two more (one I take to the gym). Unfortunately for this goal, I got a membership to and I am starting to think that reading is for suckers. I'm sure this is just a passing fad for me.

15. Visit Mom for a week.
This one probably needs an alteration to just be 
15. Visit Mom. 
I talk to her and I've even seen her- she made a visit to see me for the first time in years- but the 6-7 hour drive is just not that enticing. I plan on doing it and doing it for a week would probably make the drive doubly worth it, but in the end, the important part is to visit her on her turf, so I'm simplifying this one to get to the heart of it a little more. 

So, that is the next 6. I'll continue to review and evaluate in the next days.